1. Foster a training-through-research network of young researchers, where the ESR fellows will investigate promising emerging technologies for noise reduction, by means of laboratory experiments, simplified theoretical models, numerical simulations, and optimization algorithms based on the aforementioned numerical simulation tools.
  2. Bring in a coordinated research environment industrial stakeholders picked from the aeronautical, automotive, wind turbine and cooling/ventilation sectors. These sectors have been chosen for their importance in the European economy in terms of growth, employment and ecological impact, and because they share in some respects quite similar concerns, while not being always aware of their respective solutions.
  3. Offer an unprecedented training infrastructure where the young researchers will not only acquire the necessary scientific skills, but will also be confronted with the intricacies of an innovation process including integration, manufacturing, economical constraints, through strong interactions with the industrial world.

SmartAnswer is a research and training platform focused on innovative flow / noise control and optimization approaches, addressing the above shortcomings by having the following objectives: